Talk about the Global Readaloud!

This week, students in grades K-2 began Global Readaloud. This is one of my favorite ways to share books with my students! Our author/illustrator study this year is Lauren Castillo. Global Readaloud provides my students with the opportunity to share excellent literature with one another AND with other students beyond the walls of our school! It also provides me with an authentic way to integrate print literacy skills with digital citizenship. This week, 1st and 2nd grade students answered questions from other readers in Canada. Check out the questions and collections of responses here and here! Kindergarteners got to try on a bravery cape inspired by this week’s readaloud, Nana in the City.

Where is Vermont? Where is Canada?

Where is Vermont? Where is Canada?





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Talk about self-checkout!

We are circulating LOTS of books here at CCS! This fall, 4th-8th graders and staff members are learning to use our new self-checkout station. Students are taking this responsibility very seriously, and are helping each other master the steps. This system has allowed me to continue teaching a whole class or give individual assistance to students while providing a way for checkouts to still happen. Now that I am a single librarian managing our awesome but fairly large space, this is one way that our CCS Community can help take care of one another. It enables our library program to continue to provide a door that is always open, delivering equitable access for all. Here are some highlights in pictures!


Mr. Scanner




We help each other!


What we think!



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Talk about sharing & creativity!

We celebrate International Dot Day every year at CCS. This year, we used the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds to discuss hopes & dreams, trying new things, and having the freedom to make our marks on the world around us. Traditionally celebrated around September 15-ish, Dot Day activities continued into this week and spread down the primary hallway. Library lessons for grades K-4 incorporated skills ranging from collaboration and personal expression to safe use of ipads. This just proves what I’ve known all along. The picture book format is the perfect package!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Older students have been busy learning about the new Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award nominees, and visiting the library whenever they need to. This averages out to about 50 or so students throughout the day, getting what they need from our library space.


And here is my pic of the week. These students are enjoying The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. This is one of my favorites for practicing fluency skills, plus it just a joy to read aloud and share!


“The best kids ever!”

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Talk at home about…taking charge!

Welcome back CCS! We are already busy learning new routines and remembering old ones. Like other classrooms, our focus these first few weeks will be on how we take care of ourselves, others, and our school.  We are taking charge of our learning! For our newest Kindergarten friends, this will mean exploring the library space and learning how to take care of their library books. For older students and staff, this will mean experimenting with different tools, like our brand-new self-checkout station!

unnamedHere are a few of our first-week-of-school readalouds. Each highlights creativity, big ideas, and the concept of “doing something more” for ourselves and for others.


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Talk at home about…a year in review!

Here is a snapshot of our school library year. Click here to get all the links, bells, and whistles!ccslibrary2016

Visit this link to get all the bells and whistles!

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Talk at home about…a few weeks in pictures!

Time flies, friends! Here are a few pictures highlighting the things that have been keeping us so busy over the past few weeks.

Kindergarteners are exploring how to find “just-right” books, and we’ve also been sharing great new wordless books with them, working on visual literacy skills. They had great fun designing their own!

1st and 2nd graders have been reading, reading, reading! They’ve also begun learning about our new maker space materials, and getting creative with some awesome literature as their inspiration!

3rd graders have begun their fairy tale unit, and we have begun storytelling workshops as they work to write their own fractured fairy tales! 4th graders have been practicing their Destiny Quest and research skills as they work to find information on their independent topics. They have also been exploring the new maker space materials!

5th-8th graders have been busy with research, writing, and book groups! These are times when I get to visit their classrooms to help, or have students visit me with questions like “I’m using one of the library’s eBooks. Can you show me how to cite it?” and “I know ABC-CLIO is one of the most reliable sources, but what if the information I need isn’t there?”. I love that our older students have things like citations and reliability as part of their every day vocabulary! Here is an example of how I help guide middle schoolers through the research process. Give it a try!

Westward Expansion Pathfinder

Counting on You Pathfinder

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Talk at home about…when Mrs. Huestis leaves the library!

Did you know that librarians are librarians wherever they are? Did you know that library resources include things that live on shelves AND things that are accessible 24/7 from wherever you are? I always love it when I get to teach things like digital literacy skills, and I love it even more when I get to visit classrooms to do the teaching!

Here are my feet…and here is the hall…

Here are the classrooms I visited last week to teach 2nd graders how to use a database!

They learned all about the text features of the CultureGrams database to help them learn more about countries from around the world. Students were able to practice transferring what they already know about print-based nonfiction text features to the digital realm, and learned about some features that are unique to online databases. Ask a second grader what “breadcrumbs” are. Not the fairy-tale ones, but the virtual ones! I was so impressed with how helpful our students were to one another as they explored something new, and at how they problem-solved and worked through their learning – even when the chromebooks decided to be uncooperative!

Mrs. Gerson has a nice post about why students are learning to use CultureGrams on her blog here.

If you are interested in exploring CultureGrams yourself, please let me know and I’ll help!

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