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Talk at home about…Story Time and Beyond!

What images appear in your mind when you think of the library? I hope you see students like preschoolers gathered together listening to a wonderful story, building early literacy skills without even realizing it. Libraries are all about literacy, and it starts in the story square with our youngest students.IMG_5068

The library program also reaches beyond the story square. Here are some other images I’d like to think come to your mind when you think of the library. Picture this – K-2 students gathering together, listening to a good story, AND communicating with others around the world about it through Global Readaloud.Screenshot 2015-10-12 at 8.14.28 AM

Picture this – 3rd & 4th graders practicing information literacy skills with our Destiny Quest library catalog, getting ready to teach others how to use it.

Picture this – Students of all ages taking on a new design challenge in our creation station.IMG_5065IMG_5058

Picture this – 5th graders enjoying a read aloud at the end of the day that I knew would keep them on the edges of their seats and provide tons of opportunities for thoughtful classroom discussions. It not only has a great story, it contains excellent vocabulary, and even math and science connections. The book? Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sacher.

Picture this – 6th graders learning how to ask good questions about big ideas. Knowing how to ask good questions is the start of the inquiry process. Ask a 6th grader what the connection is between a traffic light and asking questions.

Picture this – 7th & 8th graders in the classroom using their information and digital literacy skills with the library’s Digital Reference databases to research the early 1900s. Oh and yes, they still visit the library to use paper books, as well. The best part of all this for me is that I have been here long enough now to see how my students grow and develop these various literacy skills, from preschool to 8th grade.

These are just a few snapshots of learning that have occurred over the past couple of weeks in our school, supported by the library program, in the story square, and beyond!


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Talk at home about…PTO Power!

The Charlotte Central School is lucky to have a phenomenal PTO group. Our library is currently adding hundreds of new books to our collection with Scholastic dollars earned from the recent fair!photo-1

We are working on unpacking and processing the print titles we ordered and can’t wait to get them into eager readers’ hands!Book Fair In addition, the book fair proceeds help to provide access to the digital resource BookFlix. This collection pairs fictional storybooks with nonfiction eBooks, and adds over 100 quality titles to our library that are accessible both in school and at home, 24-7. BookFlix helps support digital literacy skills of students in grades PreK-4. Click here to read more about this fabulous resource, and contact us here in the library for a username and password.

We would like to thank our PTO for the time, energy and effort they invest into the book fair each year. We appreciate all you do to help us help our students!

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Talk at home about…Children First!

School library programs everywhere aim to provide all children with access to quality learning resources and provide them with the skills they need to navigate those resources. One of the ways we do this is by giving students a variety of experiences to interact with quality literature.

photoYesterday, library classes participated in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record, a national campaign aimed at supporting literacy and early childhood education. We joined millions of other Americans in reading the book Otis by Loren Long. We read, listened, practiced our visual literacy and comprehension skills, and generally shared in a little Otis the Tractor love. Click here to learn more about this literacy campaign and it’s impacts on early childhood education. Here is Loren Long speaking about the campaign:

Here’s to putting our children first!

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Talk at home about…partnerships for good!

Partnerships are a good thing. We try to teach our students how to work together, so we should strive to do the same. We have a wonderful relationship with our public library. I’d like to highlight a couple of ways that we work together for the benefit of our students.

patternsLast week, preschoolers were treated to a guest storytime presented by Charlotte LMargaretReadingibrary Director Margaret Woodruff. The theme was patterns. Students helped Margaret read Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris, then worked on exploring and creating some patterns of their own. Margaret’s storytelling, supported with materials from The Mother Goose Program, was a huge hit with our 4-year-olds!

Today, I joined Margaret and Cheryl Sloan, Youth Services Librarian, to present our Middle School summer reading collaboration to a group of Vermont public librarians. Our aim is to help grow the connections between schools and public libraries throughout the state for the benefit of the children in our communities. WPresentatione shared how the program has progressed over the past two years and introduced grant opportunities to fund the program for interested libraries. This was a great idea that went somewhere because the people in our student’s lives took the time to talk to one another. Community members, public & school librarians, and classroom teachers all played a role. It’s a pretty good model for our students to see, I think! See my Summer Reading page to see an outline of last summer’s program. Why reinvent the wheel when we can share? Let’s keep the partnerships growing!

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Talk at home about…What happens next?

“Helping children understand the concept of sequencing develops both literacy and scientific inquiry skills.”
– Reading Rockets

This week, preschoolers helped me remember the sequence of events in our readaloud, “On Halloween Night” by Harriet Ziefert. This is just one example of how the library teaches and reinforces key literacy skills for all ages. For more on sequencing, including book titles, as well as activities you can do at home, visit the Reading Rockets website!

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