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Talk about self-checkout!

We are circulating LOTS of books here at CCS! This fall, 4th-8th graders and staff members are learning to use our new self-checkout station. Students are taking this responsibility very seriously, and are helping each other master the steps. This system has allowed me to continue teaching a whole class or give individual assistance to students while providing a way for checkouts to still happen. Now that I am a single librarian managing our awesome but fairly large space, this is one way that our CCS Community can help take care of one another. It enables our library program to continue to provide a door that is always open, delivering equitable access for all. Here are some highlights in pictures!


Mr. Scanner




We help each other!


What we think!




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Does your Kindergartener know this character?

Kindergarteners were introduced to The Shelf Elf this week. The Shelf Elf teaches students how to take good care of their library books. We were also able to make connections to our school’s expectations of respecting ourselves, others, and property!
Ask your kindergartener about the Shelf Elf’s reminders and the special surprise he left for us in the back of the book!

Kindergarteners may check out one book at a time at this point in the school year. It gives them practice exploring the library shelves and remembering to return their book each library visit. All kindergarteners visit the library on Tuesdays. For those of you wishing to get more library books at home, we encourage you to stop by and sign up for a library card!

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