Talk at home about…A Boy Called Bat!

We love the Global Readaloud! 3rd & 4th graders are practicing their “Rings of Responsibility” skills as we take part in this global community of readers. We are well into our reading of A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold!

In order to practice the digital citizenship skills that these students are learning, we have created a digital postcard about Vermont and sent it to over 70 other classrooms all around the world who are reading the same book. We have received almost thirty digital postcard replies from other classrooms as close as New Hampshire, and as far away as Haarlem, The Netherlands and Cairo, Egypt! We’ve had fun using the clues the classrooms have given us to guess where in the world they are. We are noting differences and similarities between classrooms and are realizing that what seems obvious to us about where we live, might not be to people who live far away from us. We are also being thoughtful about how we answer questions. Are we answering politely, respectfully, and safely? Are we appreciating our differences and similarities and asking questions that work to keep the conversation going? Here is a map that shows you our Global Readaloud community, as well as our digital postcard and one other. Can you guess where it is from?




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