Libraries are for reading AND making!

Our students deserve access to opportunities for hands-on learning and making connections just as much as they deserve access to a diverse collection of books to read and share. Libraries are all about helping our students develop multiple literacies and follow their personal interests. Here are a few examples of what this looks like in our library.

This week is Computer Science Education Week, and we are celebrating the Hour of Code. Combined with “offline” activities, apps like The Foos help our youngest students practice skills like cause and effect, problem-solving, counting, squencing and teamwork. 3rd graders were able to connect these same skills with what they already know about the new Red Clover Book Award nominees to program our robot friend, Dash, through a literary maze!


img_66252nd graders have been exploring our makerspace materials as an extension of a recent classroom readaloud of Brambleheart by Henry Cole. Their hands-on learning has included recycled CD weaving and exploring Squishy Circuits. Both of these activities have given students an opportunity to get creative while practicing trial-and-error, design, teamwork and perseverance. But how on earth do they relate to the story? Ask a 2nd grader!

4th graders are practicing collaboration, research & design, and writing to inform skills as they participate in a cardboard challenge. Ask them what they’re making!


Finally, middle school iLab students are finishing up their second round of personal interest choices. These rotations are designed to allow for student voice and choice as they learn something new or explore a personal interest. Along the way, they are practicing planning and research skills, time management, teamwork, and sharing their new learning with others. Some of the personal interests explored so far include blogging for the school website, Lego robotics & coding, U.S. History research, reading & book reviews, learning a new musical instrument, big buddies for a 2nd grade classroom, health & fitness, baking, and Pease Mt. Stewardship. Our thanks goes out to all of our volunteers that help make these groups happen for our students!


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