Talk at home about…Vermont Authors & Illustrators

Our little state is home to very talented people who thankfully enjoy sharing what they know with our students! We have had the pleasure of hosting two authors over the past few weeks. Both spoke so wonderfully that students and staff are still talking about their visits.

Folklorist Jane Beck visited 5th-8th grade students to share stories about Vermonter Daisy Turner. Her new book, Daisy Turner’s Kin, traces the history of the Turner family from the west coast of Africa to Grafton, Vermont. In sharing about the Turner family, Jane also spoke about the power of story and memory, highlighted her research process, and really gave us a glimpse into a life very different from our own. Although Jane has devoted much time to collecting the stories of others, it is clear to us that she is a master storyteller in her own right!


Last week, author and illustrator Jason Chin visited our K-4 students. We had introduced his books to students during library classes and they were so excited for his visit! Jason read portions of soIMG_1031me of his books, shared his writer’s notebooks, and talked about the process of writing and illustrating. He spoke about how he finds inspiration in the world around him. He spoke about how it takes many, many drafts to get a piece of writing or art just right. He spoke about how reading is so important because it fuels the imagination. And – hew drew – with help from the students. What an inspiring,  interactive visit this was. Students are checking out lots of books about coral reefs, trees, the Galapagos Islands, and gravity. I just love it when an author’s words create this kind of excitement for exploration and learning!


A great big Thank You to our PTO for making both of these amazing visits possible for our students!





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