Talk at home about…student creations!

Libraries are centers of creativity. Ours has been humming the past few weeks with students thinking and creating! Here are a few highlights.

Sharing readalouds such as the Red Clover books with our younger students helps foster creative thinking. Picture books often contain big ideas in just a few pages. Guided discussions help students understand these big ideas and make connections to themselves and the world around them. Visual Thinking Strategies help them understand nuances of meaning included in the illustrations. These books  also serve as mentor texts for students learning to write their own narratives.


Some of our middle schoolers have finished historical fiction book groups on Ancient Egypt and are beginning the process of creating book trailers, which are like multi-media persuasive pieces, to try to entice others to read the books! This project also serves to keep the conversation going about the books. Ideas are being defended with text-based evidence, and Visual Thinking Strategies learned and reinforced in their elementary years are brought to the table again as they work to construct meaning with images, sound, and words.

3IMG_5346 (1)


Other middle schoolers have utilized our library space to get creative with WeVideo to record stories about their family cultures, and Garage Band to record early 20th Century inspired and researched radio broadcasts. It’s a good thing to see students tucked away in every available space, and to hear the steady hum of creativity.



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