Talk at home about…creating a culture of YES!

Creating a Culture of Yes!A few weeks ago, I was visited by a student in the School Library Media Studies Program at The University of Vermont. Since she is learning how to be a teacher librarian, she visited our school library to observe and ask me some questions. One of the themes that came out of our conversation was the notion of library programs working to “create a culture of yes” within their schools. Here are some simple examples of how we do this at Charlotte Central School.

A student who forgot that it is “library day” asks – “I forgot my library books! Can I bring them in tomorrow instead?” Yes2!

A teacher asks – “Can you help me with developing print and digital resources for my next unit?”

A student asks – “Can I come to the library today at lunchtime to eat my lunch, read and chill?”

A parent asks – “Can I set up a time to visit the library and talk to you about book recommendations for my child?”

Yes!A student asks – “I need a book for my Early 1900s research that’s in another library. Can you get it for me?”

An administrator asks – “We are trying to connect staff with middle schoolers to support them as they navigate their new Personal Learning Plans. Can you help?”

A parent asks – “Can I access the school’s digital resources from home?”

A teacher asks – “Can you visit my classroom and teach my students about evaluating primary sources?”

Students ask – “We want to finish our library design challenge after we eat lunch. Can we? Can we?”Creating a Culture of Yes!


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