Talk at home about…hashtag highlights!

I love to write, but sometimes the week just flies by before I get a chance, so here are some highlights from our week in the library, hashtag style. The keywords, or hashtags, are borrowed from our Charlotte Central School Mission Statement, because it belongs to all of us!

#learningWe are learning actively and creatively! Our friends from Illinois taught us a new dance inspired by our Global Read Aloud book Duck!Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

#thinkingWe think creatively and critically! A design challenge in our creation station gets students up and moving.

#livingWe live responsibly and respectfully. Collaborating with our peers is one way we practice these skills!

#contributingWe contribute positively to our community by creating new knowledge to share with others. Stay tuned for video tutorials on how to use Destiny Quest to find a book in our library!

#pursuingexcellenceWe pursue excellence in our academics and personal interests. Sometimes library resources help us pursue an interest or a passion that lies beyond classroom learning.





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