Talk at home about…new beginnings

FullSizeRender (17)This picture really captures our first week of school! It’s a proud “look what we found” moment at the end of one of our first library classes. I thought I’d give you an idea of one of my typical “reference interviews” with a student. Those are fancy words for “let me help you find what you need”.

Me: “Let’s find something great for you to bring home today!”
Student: “OK! Member that really sparkly book you had last year? I like that one.”
Me: “Hmmmm….I think we have a few sparkly books. What was the book about? What did you like about it?”
Student: “Well… had a kitty on the cover, too! A MAGIC kitty. I like books like that!”
Me(having a memory moment)….”Ah! I think I know just the one you mean. Let’s go find it!”

Once we get to the shelf, we locate the book. It’s from the Magic Kitten series and the title is Classroom Chaos. While I’m thinking to myself how funny that is, the student looks the book over, reads a bit and says “Naaa, do you have any books about the Titanic?” And we’re off exploring something new!

That moment reminded me to be thinking beyond all the other minutia of getting our library space truly ready for learning. Sometimes I worry about having it look “just so” by the beginning of the school year. In reality, it’s ready the day the students arrive no matter what it looks like. They arrive ready to explore and learn, and we are ready simply by being there and having conversations. Learning is about celebrating the comfort of old favorites AND it’s about having the freedom to choose a new path. That’s growth.

I am looking forward to thinking, and sharing, creating, and growing with my students this year!


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