Talk at home about…the littlest learners!

photo (6)This is the time of year when our littlest students are realizing they can do BIG things! Our preschool friends are all able to locate a book, check it out and sit quietly to enjoy looking at the pictures or sharing the story with a friend.  They are noticing letters and text features, and are expert explorers of their library space! Those who move on to kindergarten in the fall will be role models for those brand-new to our school!

Kindergarten, first, and second grade friends have been practicing finding books that are photo 4 (2)“just-right” for them. In addition to exploring on their own, they have been practicing previewing books in a guided way. We call this “book tasting”, and model our experience on one created by one of my Professional Learning Network librarian colleagues, Andy Plemmons. These students have also been practicing their organization skills and learning library-specific vocabulary. We’ve used portions of the learning game “Order in the Library”, and also moved our bodies through stations to sort and organize actual library books. Some of my favorite overheard quotes from this experience are:

“Hey, I’ve got an “A”, what do you have?”
“OK, what comes next? Look at the alphabet…”C” comes before “E”.”
“Remember? It goes left to right, like you read a book!”
“We need to look at the second line of the call number.”
“We did it!!!!”
“I want to be a librarian when I grow up!”

It doesn’t get much better than that!



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