Talk at home about…making books real!

Wow, it’s been a while since this librarian has posted! I like to think about blog posts like I do exercise.  I know it’s good for me, and sometimes I run out of time in my day. The important thing is that I pick up where I left off. Always. This is me picking up where I left off, and filling you in on some of the things that keep this librarian busy!

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Today was an awesome day. The wonderful Kate Messner visited our 5th and 6th graders this afternoon, and shared her workshop “Writing With a Magic Pencil”.  Using her new book All the Answers as a backdrop, Kate gave students a peek inside her writer’s notebooks, explained how real-life experiences can change a story, and led students in a brainstorming session that that showed how a simple “what if” question or wish can morph into a really big idea. One student said “I wish I could make books real”. I think authors like Kate who visit schools all around our country and spark the imaginations of our students grant this wish. They tell the stories behind the stories. They engage our students in a way that only an expert can. They bring them to the edge of their seats. Finally, thanks to my colleague Meg Allison from the Moretown School for sharing this quote from Kate’s visit(because she’s been all around our cold, snowy state today).  I think it says it all.

Thank you Kate for your time, energy, and knowledge! Thank you to our wonderful PTO for helping this author event happen. And thank you to our favorite local independent bookstore, The Flying Pig, for working with our school to give our students this wonderful opportunity.


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