Talk at home about…our “Digital Reference” resource of the month!

Librarians are all about getting information resources into your hands!  Available on your computer or hand-held devices, these digital resources quite literally fit right into the palm of your hand and are accessible anytime, anywhere. They are delivered using multi-media platforms and are chock-full of accessible features that help support all students and their unique learning styles. They are designed to support curriculum as well as students’ interests. We take just as much care in selecting resources for our school community that are accessed online as we do in selecting print and paper books. In addition, we select resources that will best allow students to practice reading and navigating for information using a digital platform. Literacy skills are shifting and this is one way school libraries are helping to support those skills.

This month’s digital reference feature is BookFlix. BookFlixGeared toward students in grades PreK-3, this eBook reference features paired fiction and non-fiction videos and texts. Videos are productions of high-quality picture books produced by Weston Woods. Nonfiction eBooks of the same topic may be read alone or may be listened to using the “Read Along” feature. Educational games and activities are available to extend student learning.

You may access this resource by visiting the library’s Digital Reference page, or by clicking the handy icon you see in this post. Use the “About” section of this blog to contact us here in the library for a username and password. We hope you take some time to explore the resources yourselves. Or, better yet, explore alongside your child!


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