Talk at home about…library numbers!

Ok, usually I prefer to write in a narrative way about what happens throughout the school year in our busy library. Normally, I feel that paints a better picture than mere numbers. However, one of the things librarians are constantly doing in the background is exploring new and different uses for technology, all the while thinking about how new tools can be incorporated into teaching and learning. We learn by playing with the tools so that we can teach others. The power of play carries over from preschool to adulthood!

At the end of each school year, I take time to reflect on my practice. What went well? What will I change for the following year to make things better for my students? I used Piktochart this year to create a visual representation that reflected our school library year. Although I prefer words, I do diligently keep track of numbers; how often our library space and our print & digital collections are used each week. Piktochart allowed me to mash up my data into a visual infographic. I like that I can log in using my Google account, and the interface is very easy to use. It also validated for me that yes, our library is full of learning, constantly. Those days I feel like going home to take a nap? They might have something to do with the sheer number of students and adults coming and going, each with an information need of some sort. I will now end my narrative and let you take a look at the numbers for yourself! Visit this link to view the infographic with all the bells and whistles!

CCS Library Report 2014




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