Talk at home about…where the year went!

When school begins in late August, it always seems as if the year ahead is long, just waiting to be filled with learning. Then April break happens, and…poof! It seems as if those last few weeks go by in an absolute blur. CCS staff congratulated 8th grade graduates last night, and waved goodbye to our K-7th graders this afternoon. Another school year is over, but I’d like to celebrate some of the learning that has happened over the last few weeks in the library.

We have helped students research, research, research! From independent topics to those framed by curriculum, students from grades 3-8 have been exercising their very best inquiry habits. We’ve seen tons of use of our print and digital resources. Curious about how to find resources yourself? Ask one of Miss Leach’s (former) 3rd graders! They learned how to use our Destiny Quest library catalog in order to help them become experts in a topic of interest. Not only did they create tutorials for YOU on how to use the library catalog, they also wrote their own informational books in class! They celebrated their hard work this week by sharing their books with Ms. Lubic’s (former) 1st graders. Click here to see & listen to a sample how-to crash course on using Destiny Quest!

We have also celebrated reading and writing. Ms. Lubic’s class participated in our 6×6 Reading Challenge, a partnership with the Charlotte Public Library aimed at highlighting the power of reading whatever we want to read! In class, they wrote book reviews of their favorite titles as part of their writing unit; during library time, they added audio and visual layers using the StoryKit iPad app. Then, we added their written reviews as well as their StoryKits to our library catalog. Now that Miss Leach’s class has taught you how to use Destiny Quest, go there and search for Stink: the Incredible Shrinking Kid by Megan McDonald. Click on the cover, then on one of the links under “Electronic Resources”  to see a sample. To read the review, simply click the “Reviews” tab. Enjoy! Need more options? Ask one of Ms. Lubic’s (former) 1st graders. Need help? Ask one of Miss Leach’s (former) 3rd graders!

Screenshot 2014-06-13 at 5.59.31 PM

In recent weeks, we have also hosted readathons, student-created book talks, and poetry readings. We have talked up summer reading opportunities, tracked down over 1,000 library books, genrefied our fiction collection, and generally celebrated all the learning that has happened in our library space over the past year. We can’t wait for next year!



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