Talk at home about…author love and flying pigs!

Lost Children of the Far IslandsIt is National Library Week! In true “Books Live On” fashion, we kicked off the week with talking about books and writing. Today, CCS 5th and 6th graders welcomed author Emily Raabe to our school.

Emily is the author of several nonfiction books for younger readers, as well as a book of poetry for adults. Today, she spoke about her first novel for younger readers, Lost Children of the Far Islands. This page-turner has action and adventure woven through with elements of magic, folklore, and kid power. You can read more about the book at The Flying Pig Bookstore’s website. I was hooked after chapter one!

Students were ready with lots of questions after having listened to the first chapter or two read aloud last week. There’s little better testament to an author’s ability to hook their readers than finishing a chapter and hearing a chorus of “Wait….What?!? You’re not going to keep reading?”; “Awwwwwwwwaaaaa…you can’t stop there!”; and “Just one more chapter…pleeeeaaasssse?” All part of our master plan for engaging the parts of their brains that spark wonderings.

Emily Raabe VisitAfter explaining to students how she got the idea for the story, Emily led students in a question an answer session that illustrated her creative process as well as hinted at what we might read from her in the future! I love that our students were asking questions that writers would ask. I love that Emily has such a warm and generous personality. I love that teachers of the Alpha team worked together with me to make this visit happen. I love that our students benefit from our wonderful relationship with local independent bookstore, The Flying Pig.

Thank you Emily, for sharing your day and your story with us. Thank you, Josie and Elizabeth for getting great books into our students’ hands, for inspiring them to be authors now and into the future, and for knowing that their librarian will always say “Yes” to working with you!



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