Talk at home about…School Library Month!

April is School Library Month! This is the perfect time to talk about the variety of learning experiences that happen through our school library program. I’d like to highlight a few that show the reach of our program.

We teach specific skills. 3rd grade students have flip-flopped roles and are using what they have learned to teach others!DestinyQuestMs. Leach’s students have learned the finer points of using our automated catalog, Destiny Quest, to locate materials in our library. This skill was learned to support their current writing unit. In addition to locating expert topic books, they are also using their expertise to create digital “How-To” books for their peers. We will post them for all to see when finisheGoogleSited!

Cher’s class is creating a Google site to teach other 3rd graders beyond our school about the life of American Colonists. Do you have what it takes to start a new life in a new country? We can’t wait to share the site so you can see all the different things you’ll need to consider!

We collaborate with teachers to curate amazing resources to support and extend classroom learning. 7th & 8th graders are in the thick of learning about the 30s and 40s. This is our display of fiction & photononfiction titles those students are choosing from to complete an independent reading project. The library was hopping recently with these students spread out in nooks & crannies, rooms and tables with laptops, microphones, scripts, and their imaginations to create radio show-style broadcasts. Researching World War II now includes navigating both print and digital resources. We created a pathfinder to help them along the way that is accessible 24/7 from school or home.

We partner with other community establishments. CCS just completed another successful Reading to End Racism Week. Our school and public library worked together to support this program. We love any excuse to work together, especially when students benefit. Mrs. HuestisHere are Margaret Woodruff and I teaching a mini-read-aloud-lesson to volunteer readers.

RtER Training!

They, in turn, chose a book to share with classrooms throughout our building. The setting, along with the books, provided an avenue for the readers to share their own stories with students.

We also put our librarian heads together and are gearing up for the first official 6 x 6 Charlotte Reading Challenge. The goal is for readers in the school and around the community to commit to reading 6 books in 6 weeks. M6x6odeled after the Six Book Challenge started by The Reading Agency in the UK in 2008, our aim to inspire and support readers of all ages and abilities. Join the fun!


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