Talk at home about…Smiling, Laughing, and Making Time for Fun!

My daughter and I get ready!

My daughter and I get ready!

All schools have norms. Our CCS norms remind us to first and foremost work together for the good of learning – student learning and adult learning. Lots of things work together to make that happen. We try to make our meetings matter and communicate respectfully. We also aim to nourish a positive school climate by appreciating and celebrating our professional family. I feel strongly that our positive examples trickle down to our students.

My favorite norm is to smile, laugh, and make time for fun! As you can imagine, with hectic days of teaching and busy home lives, this is sometimes hard to do. Often it can be a small thing, like offering a smile as we pass each other in the hallway. Sometimes, we go big! I was lucky enough to participate in the 19th annual Penguin Plunge with my Charlotte Champions for Change teammates this past



Saturday in Burlington. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you’ve got amazing people gathered together to support a great cause. We took just a little extra time to be together outside of the school building to support Vermont’s Special Olympians, and raised over $4000.00 thanks to the generous support of our friends, families, and the Charlotte community.The 33 degree lake temperature did not deter us from smiling, laughing, and making time for fun! Thanks to colleagues, students and families who braved the chilly temperatures to cheer us on!

Go team! Still smiling!

Go team! Still smiling!


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