Talk at home about…author power!

Last week, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders welcomed author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka to CCS! Mr. Krosoczka is the author of over 20 titles, including picture books, chapter books, and his hugely popular Lunch Lady graphic novel series. Mr. Krosoczka began by celebrating the fact that our students are already authors. He shared some of his own books that he wrote when he was their age, and explained that he used to write when he got home from school every day. I’m sure his writing supplies will seem familiar to many of you; plain white paper and a couple of staples. That’s all you need to make a book! What a nice connection.

Mr. Krosoczka spoke about how he writes and illustrates his books now. He uses something called the story mountain to organize and outline his stories. This is something he learned when he was in elementary school. Wow! He even showed us how to draw Lunch Lady! The part of the presentation that I loved the most, though, was his story about how he got published. It took a lot of hard work and patience! The message was simple, yet powerful. Do what you love, and persevere through the tough times.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see how we prepared for his visit! We read his books, explored his website, created our very own Lunch Lady inspired “Gadget Gallery”, and brainstormed questions we wanted to be sure to ask him about his writing. Our very own school lunch crew joined the fun by dressing up in true Lunch Lady fashion and creating a gadget-themed lunch menu. This week, we have worked on thank you notes and processed all the great things about the visit. Some of my favorite student quotes:

“I like that he gave us a sneak peek at his new book!”
“I thought he was super funny!”
“I like that he was our teacher for a little while!”
“Today was the best day of my life!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would like to thank Mr. Krosoczka for inspiring us! I have heard through the grapevine that there is some writing happening after school these days. I would also like to thank the Flying Pig Bookstore for making this visit happen. They consistently amaze me with their support of our local community and it’s youngest readers. Three cheers for the power of author visits!

Here are some links to explore:

Jarrett’s website has a wealth of resources for both students and parents. It’s worth a visit! 

Publisher’s Weekly “ShelfTalker” Blog has an article written by Elizabeth Bluemle of the Flying Pig Bookstore about Jarrett’s visit.



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