Talk at home about…the writing we do!

Reading and writing go hand in hand. A variety of types of writing happen in the library and are supported by the library program. I’d like to highlight a few examples.

2nd graders have been practicing their blogging skills! This is the product of a collaborative effort between classroom teachers and myself, inspired by students and colleagues that are hundreds of miles away. CCS 2nd graders are practicing their persuasive writing skills using their favorite books as inspiration. This team effort supports the writing program and provides an authentic platform to learn digital literacy skills as well. Visit the Adventurers page and follow the links to their KidBlogs to find something new to read! Some of our inspirations for this unit are Comments4Kids and Shannon Miller and her students! You can read all about her great ideas here, and we thank her for sharing such an effective way to learn about blogging. Thanks also to Mrs. Bouteiller, Mrs. Brady, and Mrs. Gerson for some great teamwork!

Cher’s 3rd graders are practicing report writing skills. They have used their information seeking skills to locate books on their specialty topics, have taken notes on relevant information, and are working through the process of presenting what they know to others. Students have been working so hard on their pieces. This co-teaching experience allowed students to spread out and utilize library resources when needed. In addition, it allowed me the freedom to travel to their classroom to help with other pieces of the process. Librarians do like to get out and about in our buildings! Students have been working so hard. I can’t wait to see the finished products!

6th graders visited a couple of weeks ago to hear mystery booktalks. From those choices, they are now engaged in an online discussion via blog posts on the Young Writers Project. Mrs. Little and I discovered that due to some other collaborations, the students were in an excellent place to take both their reading and writing in a new direction. They had just finished participating in face-to-face historical fiction book discussions. They dove into what for some of them was a completely new genre, with the support of classroom learning which provided background knowledge necessary for comprehension. They had lots of practice in how to take notes, give evidence, and generally how to be active participants in lively discussions. All of these skills have gotten students to a place where they are ready to move those discussions to an online format. It’s really a lovely thing.

Last but not least for this post, these very same 6th graders are arriving in the library later today to mentor Mrs. Brady’s students on how to write an effective blog comment. This is a nice reminder that everything really is connected in our school. It’s a great place to learn. Take a peek at the photo gallery below for some great visual snapshots of what writing looks like in the library and beyond!

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