Talk at home about…the other stuff librarians do!

It’s time to take a moment and let you know about some of the other things teacher librarians do with their days (and their days off)! In addition to teaching classes, collaborating with classroom teachers, and keeping track of resources, teacher librarians are also constantly involved in bigger-picture thinking for our students. Here are some of my recent activities that happened beyond the walls of my school.

Teacher librarians are advocates for their students! One of the things that has been unfolding in Vermont over the past few months is the State Board of Education’s overhaul of the 15-year-old “School Quality Standards”. The now renamed “Education Quality Standards” have a great deal to celebrate, as well as some noticeable holes. Where did School Library Programs go? And how did our Vermont School Library Association work with the Board to get them back? To get an overview of what’s already great about the standards, and our proposal to make them even better, see the video archive below. I participated in a live GoogleHangout via TL News Night with some remarkable colleagues. We appreciate the opportunity the TL News Night team gave to us to send our voices out into the world about this important topic. The segment gives a nice overview of the process, as well as our thinking in regards to what is best practice for our school communities.

No time to watch? This conversation led to an article in School Library Journal Online, which can be accessed here. To stay informed about the remainder of this process, visit the Vermont Agency of Education.

Teacher Librarians love to learn. I had the good fortune to be able to attend my first national American Association of School Librarians Conference recently in Hartford, Connecticut. It was amazing to be part of a “collective brain” for a few days. 65 Vermont School Librarians attended this conference, adding our collective wisdom to the 2,000 + other attendees! I feel blessed to have this opportunity to connect with others in my field and to bring back best practices for teaching and learning with my students and classroom colleagues. I returned to Vermont feeling connected and energized.

Teacher Librarians love to share! We like it even better when we have a specific goal in mind for sharing. Last week, while CSSU K-8 students had some well-earned vacation time, teachers were working together to plan units and lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Librarians and Technology Educators shared resources with our classroom teacher colleagues during breakout sessions during these planning times. My presentation, titled “Mentor Texts and Beyond”, focused on supporting the writing curriculum with both print and digital resources for grades K-2. It can be accessed through this LiveBinder.

Whew! This is just some of the “other stuff” Teacher Librarians do every day. It might be going on in the background, but this type of work is every bit as crucial to our school communities as our face-to-face time with students.


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