Talk at home about…Opportunities for Connections!

Students make connections when they are provided opportunities to use skills in a variety of ways. I’d like to highlight some connections being made recently in our school library.

Mrs. Little’s 6th graders are participating in historical fiction book clubs. This is one of my favorite collaborations with Mrs. Little! TBook Clubhe titles students are reading are set during the Revolutionary War, which is also their Social Studies focus at the moment. Students are able to integrate what they learn in the classroom into their reading experiences. It makes for quite lively discussions! In addition, they are practicing their literacy skills by reading complex text, discussing and questioning content, and yes…making connections!

Other examples are students’ “6-Second Book Bytes”, created to promote books and to get each other excited about our recent book fair. In these super-short book talks, students needed to pull out three or four subjects or key words related to one of their favorite books.  They needed to think big in order to get small words that captured the content of their books. They used the Vine app to create their finished products. This experience gave students an opportunity to think about those all-important key words. These handy things are crucial in so many ways. They help us to be effective searchers of everything from the library catalog to Google. They provide us with a way to personalize the content we find or create (think Twitter hashtags for example). It was amazing to see students as content-creators, forging pathways for connections by promoting favorite books.


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