Talk at home about…the spirit of exploration!

I love teaching and working with teacher partners. Mrs. Little and I just finished some collaborative work that I would like to share. We were able to integrate multiple literacy skills into a Social Studies unit. As part of their learning, students explored how various groups of people experienced the Westward Expansion Movement in U.S. history. They researched what this time period was like for particular groups of people, then shared their understandings with each other using a variety of presentation formats. They took the time to learn from one another and provide feedback to keep the thoughts flowing.

Mrs. Little and I wanted to model the spirit of exploration and boldly use some new tools to help show what we know. We used Thinglink as an option for a mapping project, and Meograph for creating interactive timelines. As we observed students working through their research, we realized that there was so much happening all at once, and it was exciting! Here is a list of the various skills and literacies students were integrating into their learning:

Information Literacy
Print & digital research (location, access, synthesis, evaluation of information)
Citation skills
Visual & Media Literacy
Locating images and other media that are relevant, accurate, unbiased
Interpretation & use of primary sources
Technology Skills
Editing & sharing of images
Navigating network folders
Successful use of equipment(microphones, headphones, etc.)
Use of shared google docs & gmail to share links, citations, etc.
Use of new tools (Thinglink, Meograph)
Other Skills
Writing & editing
Reading with fluency
Collaboration skills
Presentation skills
Giving useful feedback to peers

Wow! Take a look at some of the highlights in the slideshow below!

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One response to “Talk at home about…the spirit of exploration!

  1. Lindsy Stumpenhorst

    Isn’t it refreshing when students take charge of their learning and are engaged?! Love it! My blog has very similar stories!

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