Talk at home about…Library Snapshot Day!

The CCS Library held a Library Snapshot Day in honor of School Library Month! A visit to our school library on any given day will reveal a variety of things happening. It might be quiet. More often than not, it will be humming. Sometimes, it’s even loud!

Here are some of the adventures in learning that made up the snapshot of our day:

6th graders shared Westward Expansion research via Meograph timelines and gave feedback to one another. This was the high point of a multi-week collaborative Social Studies unit taught with Mrs. Little.

Mrs. Thayer’s 3rd & 4th graders used iMovie to finish work on book trailers for their favorite books.

Mrs. Williams’ 7th graders arrived to get a refresher on research and citation skills for their World Religions research project.

Ms. Lara’s 4th graders finished book trailers!

Throughout the day, students also voted for their favorite DCF books, found great books to read, stopped by to say “hi”, and generally made up a steady stream of bodies flowing through the library space.

Here are my favorite quotes of the day:
“I love my library because it recharges my mental batteries.”
“I love my library because it’s where I find peace of mind.”
“I love my library because it’s a collection of dreams and fantasies that I can read.”

Check out our slideshow for a picture snapshot of the learning that happened today!

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