Talk at home about…turning our frowns upside down!

Snow is beautiful. Today it blankets everything as far as the eye can see. March 2013 182It also closed school for us today and kept a visiting author away. Fortunately,  I am not a teacher librarian who wears a frown for long. Lots of great learning happened as a result of preparing for this author visit, so I decided to share some of what our Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders have been up to. Snow or not, we still made a special connection with the author, and are looking forward to the possibility of a Skype visit in the near future!

Loren Long is the author/illustrator of many wonderful books. Our favorites happen to be the Otis stories. We’ve  explored  Mr. Long’s website to learn more about him. One of our favorite facts is that he has named his backyard deer! We listened to the story of his name from and loved hearing both the story and his voice. We watched a personalized greeting from Mr. Long. We just couldn’t wait to meet him after that! We’ve read read read and talked, talked, talked about his books. Here are some of the things students had to say:

“Look! The ducks are leading us into the story!”
“The back is grayish and he colors the things he really wants us to notice.”
“Otis can’t even stay on the page!”
“But Mrs. H., we need to do the sound effects!”
“Hey! The barn from Otis looks like the barn from Wind Flyers!”
“I wonder how he makes Otis’s tires look all blurry. I can tell he’s going really fast when his tires look like that.”
“Read it again, read it again!”

Take a look at our slideshow to see some of the ways in which we prepared for Mr. Long’s visit and what he would have seen in our library!

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Many thanks to our wonderful parent volunteer Katie Franko for helping decorate the library with artwork inspired by Mr. Long’s characters, and to the Flying Pig Bookstore, our amazing local bookseller for all of their coordination efforts.

Author studies are one of my favorite ways to encourage students’ reading explorations. Please see this Reading Rockets post on “10 Great Reasons to Do an Author Study”. They say it so much better than I ever could. For now, “Putt, Puff, Puttedy Chuff”.


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