Talk at home about…communicating, collaborating and connecting!

3rd & 6th graders practiced communication and collaboration skills in the library this week! The following examples highlight how content knowledge and information literacy skills are most successfully taught in an integrated way.

Cher’s 3rd graders learned how to expand their use of their classroom blog. They learned how to create reflective blog posts on their nightly reading about Colonial America. In addition, they learned how to create respectful, effective comments on each others’ posts. Kidblog is the tool that supports students learning how to express themselves safely and effectively with others in a digital space.

Mrs. Little’s 6th grade Social Studies students presented what they know about Westward Expansion to their c6th SS Maplassmates this week. They became the teachers, sharing knowledge they’ve gained through research on a variety of topics related to this time period in American history. Students had a choice in how they presented to their peers, and all students had opportunity to comment and provide feedback on each others’ presentations. Check out the library’s Alpha page to see some of the topics students are exploring as well as some of the tools they are using to teach each other what they know!6th SS Symbaloo


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