Talk at home about…making matches!

This week, I have the pleasure of working with Mrs. Williams and her 7th grade Language Arts classes! Students are using The Young Writers Project blog to post poetry written in the voice of a book character. They

have thought about what their character’s voice

"I am..."

“I am…”

should sound like, what is important to them, their dreams.

Their next step is to use a search site that I compiled for them to find an image that matches the one they have of their characters in their minds. This was a chance for me to use a new free tool called Symbaloo to collect great image sites all in one place for the students. It presents an opportunity to reinforce digital literacy skills as the students are actively engaged in an authentic task. Check out Symbaloo for yourself!

Finding matches!

Finding matches!

Accessing Symbaloo

Accessing Symbaloo

I just love working with middle schoolers and collaborating with colleagues. Plus,  I got to travel to their classroom. What a great day. You know how I like to be on  the move! The final phase will include podcasting their poetry. What a great way to incorporate multiple literacy skills into the classroom.


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