Talk at home about… “Think, Create, Share, Grow”

Here are a few highlights from our week so far framed in keywords from the Vermont School Library Association…


3rd graders used Venn diagrams this week to compare 3 nonfiction books about cycles. Practice in the library comparing books can build a foundation for comparing things like rocks in a science lab in the classroom. Oh, and did I mention they were Red Clover books as well? It’s all connected!


This week, we helped middle school teachers build a multicultural “recommended reads” list for their students. We love GoogleDocs for creation and collaboration!


More nonfiction book talks were shared with 5th graders this week. Our favorite part was taking quick “feature walks” through the books.


We are growing and nurturing curious minds on a daily basis. Some of our favorite quotes so far are…

“Girls CAN do anything boys can do!”
“Can you help me get that book on the top shelf? I don’t know what it’s about, but I know I want to look inside!”
“I just made a connection!”


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