Talk at home about…

Getting cozy with a good book!

My children and I just finished a readaloud at my house. It is Roald Dahl’s The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant). I had forgotten what a wonderful story this is. It is even more wonderful reading Dahl’s magical words as an adult to my own children at bedtime. Is there anything better than  listening to your child’s giggles? It’s one of my favorite sounds!

My children are 7 and 9, and I plan on reading aloud to them for as long as they allow it. It is a time to connect, to ask questions, to wind down after a busy day, and to simply be close to one another on a shared adventure provided by the pages of a great story.

Read to your children! Stop by the library for suggestions for great readalouds, or to borrow a wonderful new book about one father’s devotion to reading aloud to his own daughter. It is called The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma. Read more about their “reading streak” here.

Click here to see my favorite sites for great reading recommendations!


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