Talk at home about…

Nonfiction books!

I loved nonfiction books as a child. I love them still, and so do many of my students!They can satisfy a curious streak, and can send our brains in totally new directions. Students are always practicing their inquiry skills here in the library. They are naturally curious and love to search for answers to their questions. This is a picture of  a diorama made by one of those curious students who learned more about the Titanic. Many thanks to Spencer Horgan and Patrice McHavern for allowing me to display it in the library!

3rd and 4th graders are currently working on developing their searching skills. This means exploring more sophisticated use of the library catalog as well as the Dewey Decimal System. Do you remember how books are organized? How are your search skills? How can thinking about how things are organized help us be better searchers online? Take a peek at the TRAILS(Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) link on the library website. How many questions can you answer correctly?


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