Talk at home about…

CCS Readers!

Wow! Back in September, I issued an optional reading challenge to 4th-8th graders. I wanted to find a way to encourage students in those grades to expand their reading choices a bit and try something new. Together, we set a goal of reading 1,200 Dorothy Canfield Fisher nominees, from either the current list or from past years.

What I saw was students exploring the library shelves a bit more and trying new things. Special thanks  to 6th graders in Mrs. Little’s LA classes. These students really explored the nominees and wrote book talks to promote them to other students! We’ve even had some eager 3rd graders participate as well!

Students officially met the reading goal this past Monday, so now it is time for me to follow through with my end of the challenge.  I will put on my silly hat and dye my hair pink. Additionally, I have a partner in Alexis Krech this year. She bravely volunteered to join in the fun. Stay tuned for more information about when exactly the “big reveal” will happen!


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