Talk at home about…

52 6th graders + 2 teachers +  Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award books = 2 fabulous “Booktalk Circuses”!

Booktalks are a huge part of what I do as a librarian. Sometimes they are high-tech with lots of bells and whistles. See my DCF Book Award page to see some of that in action.

Sometimes they are low-tech. Just me and the book. Or, more importantly,  the student and the book! Mrs. Little and I have worked together to teach students how to give their own booktalks. We have taught and modeled all of the important components that go into building a great booktalk. Could you do it? Take a look at all there is to consider:

Hooks – get the attention of your audience
Main characters & brief description
Problem/plot – without spoilers
Questions/connections to draw your audience in even further
Opinion of the book

Also, keep in mind, you must:
Look at your audience
Speak loudly, clearly, and smoothly
Stand correctly
Practice, practice, practice

Preparing a booktalk is preparing a persuasive piece of writing. In effect, students are preparing a speech designed to promote the book they have chosen to share. Ask a 6th grader about how their “Booktalk Circus” went today! Interested in seeing the books? Stop by the library and take a look at our display of student-recommended books.


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