Talk at home about…

DCF books!

Book talks have begun for grades 4-8!

The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award program is for students in grades 4-8. It is a kid’s choice award for the state of Vermont. We have had great success with this program. It ties in with our mission to promote a life-long love of reading and literature, and it is used as a springboard for everything from teaching persuasive writing and digital storytelling to 21st Century skills such as collaboration and communication via contributions to the DCF blog.

Check our web page devoted to all things DCF. Follow links to the official DCF site, check out a presentation of all the nominees, and view book trailers. Books range in interest level from 4th through 8th grade, and we highlight those we think are great reads for each grade level when we book talk the nominees to our students. We encourage you to read some of the books yourselves. They can spark some great conversations with your children!

Students must read 3 of the current nominees to vote in our school-wide award; 5 or more adds their votes to the state-wide pool.

The Challenge!

The basics – Students, teachers and parents in the school community read a certain number of DCF books, and Mrs. H dyes her hair a funky color. This is a voluntary challenge that is intended to get students reading widely and talking about books.

Our DCF challenge this year has had some modifications based on student feedback from last year. Via a google survey, students overwhelmingly asked for the challenge to include Mrs. H’s hair to go another funky color for a few weeks. Incredibly, students also told me that the number of books read should increase! They met the 1,000 goal by the middle of the school year last year, so I tend to agree. The new reading goal this year is 1,200. We have until the end of school to reach this goal.

Additionally, I have decided to include previous DCF nominees as part of the challenge. The award was first given in 1957. That means that there are hundreds of books to explore! If you read one yourself, please enter the information on our reading log!


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