Talk at home about….

3rd graders create a human story chain!

Red Clover books!


This program is designed for students in grades K-4. It is a kid’s choice book award for the state of Vermont, and each year thousands of students from around the state participate in the program. In addition to exposing students to a wide variety of quality literature, the program is used in the fall of each school year as a springboard for learning & enhancing basic library and literacy skills. In addition, it’s implementation incorporates standards. Grade Level Expectations addressed though this program include but are not limited to vocabulary strategies & breadth of vocabulary, comprehension strategies, initial understanding of literary and informational texts, analysis and interpretation of literary text/citing evidence, reading extensively, and literate community. Titles are used to enhance classroom studies in as many ways as possible.

We use a number of strategies to share these books with students. One is The Whole Book Approach. This approach to reading with children uses Visual Thinking Strategies and teaches them valuable, relevant literacy skills for the 21st Century and provides a scaffold for skills learned in grades 5 & 6. Another strategy is incorporating drama and movement into the stories. This is in thanks to the work of Joan Robinson and Tracy Martin of the Flynn Center. They presented a fabulous workshop at our inservice before school began this year. We believe that one is never too old to enjoy a good picture book. Here is an article on the Power of Picture Book Reading. To explore this year’s titles, please see our Red Clover Book Award page.


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