Welcome to my blog for parents and other interested parties! I decided that I needed a forum that would allow me to communicate to parents and caregivers about what really goes on in a school library in the 21st Century. It will hopefully provide a place for you to catch a glimpse of “library land”. In addition, our library website has a wealth of information to explore. I welcome families any time to see the library space, have a chat, or check out books.

Far from the shushing, dimly lit library spaces of my own youth, the CCS library space is open, light, and distinctly loud on some occasions. I believe that with learning, comes noise. This is particularly true as we teach our students to be active, collaborative members of their school community and beyond.

I chose the title “BooksLiveOn” intentionally. I cannot begin to tell you how many times over my career I’ve heard some version of the following:

“Wow! A school librarian! It must be great to get to read books all day!” -or- “What do we need libraries for anyway? We’ve got Google!”

I do consider the library a center of literacies. It is my job to get kids to read and love it. I do need to know my collection, and know my students. In addition, students learn visual and information literacy skills. They learn how to tell the trash from the treasure on the web. They read both print and digital formats and create their own content.

Books do indeed live on. The library collection is morphing and changing with the needs of the students. We have a print collection that is some 20,000 books strong. In addition, we are steadily building a virtual library of online databases and ebooks.  Remember that it is more about the content than the package. Books are not going anywhere, thank goodness!

I am constantly exploring new, free tools to find things that I think will work well in students’ hands. Here is an example of one that could be used for digital storytelling.



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